Why choose Vertex Performance?


Get Increased Performance and Increase Economy!

With Vertex Performance you’ll gain more horsepower while increasing your vehicle’s miles per gallon (mpg). Our Performance Module calculates and adjusts your vehicle’s air, fuel, timing, and spark to enable your engine to safely output up to 35+ or more horsepower while increasing MPG by up to 9*. The Vertex Performance Module works with your vehicle regardless of transmission type, turbochargers, superchargers, performance intake and exhaust systems. In addition, or performance module also works with diesel and turbo diesel engines.


World Class Customer Support - let us prove it to you!

Our technical department has over 20+ years of performance mechanical experience. In addition to that we've partnered with industry experts and manufacturers who have provided access to millions of pages of technical data which we can extend to you, our customer. We provide this service 100% with every purchase. You’ll get a real 1-on-1 personalized customer service and technical service experience when you buy from us. We know performance, and with our help and detailed vehicle specific diagrams, you can rest assured installation will be a breeze taking less than 10 minutes!


100% Safe for your vehicle - instantly reversible with no footprint.

The Vertex Performance module alters your vehicle’s air/fuel ratio tuning. It does this in real-time, only when the module is installed, and never leaves any traces or footprints in your vehicle’s memory. You can be certain when using our performance module that you will NOT void your vehicle’s warranty. Other tuners and programmers cannot say as much. They very often leave software, sometime damaging, behind, at which time a dealership could see it and void your warranty. In addition, they make it hard to revert your vehicle back to it’s original factory specs. With FPC you can remove it anytime you want and your vehicle to revert back to it’s factory specs.



Fuel prices are at an all-time high. The Vertex Performance Module works with your vehicle's computer to optimize your fuel consumption. No only will you love the increase in horsepower and torque, but the Vertex Performance module is on of the only performance products in the world that pays for itself over and over again.

See an example of how much you can save using Vertex Every Year!